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Featured Projects

Our services include the ability to fabricate a wide range of products using a variety of tools and materials to fabricate anything from factory-used tool carts to small cutting boards to satisfy our customers.

T.O.A. is a large local auto parts manufacturer, who we have teamed up with to manufacture various products such as part carts and heavy duty carts. We have assisted in fabricating well over 130 carts of various designs to improve their production and factory organization.

T.O.A. Projects

Built from scratch, this bench started out in the machining lab where we cut the metal down to size for the frame. While the metal is being welded in the welding lab, our woods department begins cutting the wood and burning the customer's requested text into the backboard. Lastly, everything is painted, stained, and delivered to the customer.

Metal and Wood Bench 

Farmhouse Desk

This Wooden Desk includes two shelves, a stained top, and white supports, framed to a farmhouse design.

Custom Plasma-Cut Signs

Our plasma-cut metal signs are one of our most popular products. We can create metal signs of a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. 

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